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How to sell your mobile home faster and at a higher price than you might expect

Want to get the best price from your home sale? Are you looking for tips on how to sell my mobile home fast so you can find a new home and move in soon? 

How get the most for your mobile home

Manufactured homes are like any other home, and taking the time to do some simple tasks can make a world of difference in both the price you get for your home and how fast you sell your mobile home. 

Contact us, and we'll be happy to set up an appointment to help you pick out your new home.

Let's start with the basics.

Remove the clutter!
People want a move-in ready home. Look around your home and property and think if YOU would want to move in as it is now. Sometimes clearing clutter from around your home-site will make your property have greater curb appeal. Don't assume people can see the hidden gem behind things you have yet to store or remove.  

Are you planning on putting things in storage? If so, do that as soon as possible since a minimalistic condition is far more attractive than one with "stuff" hiding the potential of your home. Make sure your home is structurally sound such as making sure the foundation is without issues.

Paint and clean
Often some simple touch-ups are enough to make your home look more appealing. Your local home improvement store can match your paint to your current walls interior or exterior. They will mix up a small portion, such as a quart that may be more than enough to touch-up those scuffed areas or covers something you can not clean off. Modern color-matching technologies will match even sun-bleached colors allowing you to present a perfect surface to your potential buyer. Buyers are looking for a home they don't have to work on unless you are looking to give it away at a steal. The cost of doing touch-ups will come back many times over in the higher price you can sell your manufactured home for.

Add some nice flowers to your garden or any areas close to the house. Maybe purchase a free-standing planter box and put in some seasonal flowers. This is an inexpensive way to spruce up the exterior of your home. 

If you have any dead plants or leaves in the planters, now is a good time to rake them up. Buy a bag or two of decorative tree bark to fill in any areas that lack plants. Plants and ground coverings are usually a very inexpensive way to make your house shine. While you at it, purchase some flowering plants for the interior as well. Since you'll be taking photos, you can move these plants inside and out for the most advantageous return on your decorative investment.

After you have your home and home-site clear of clutter and touched up, you're now ready to take photos. 

Interior Photos
Try to take pictures with the window shades pulled back to allow a lot of light into your home. Clear the counters of any things that could distract from the photo.

Exterior Photos
Take your photos with the sun behind you so as not to interfere with your photo's exposure. If taking a wide-angle shot that shows your full house, take advantage of any "beautiful day" elements such as clouds, blue skies, and healthy plants. move any vehicles away from the property and if necessary clean any soiled spots such as oil drips from a leaking vehicle.

Pro Tip: Wash down and wet all outside surfaces like walkways, driveways, and paths just before taking your photos. 

Photographs can be taken with your mobile phone if it is a recent model. Mobile phones have really come a long way in the quality of photos they can take. While you're at it, consider a video walkthrough. Again, modern mobile phones can also take quality videos, and some even offer built-in motion stabilization.

3D walkthroughs
Matterport has recently released it's software to work with your mobile device. This means you can walk through your home taking 3D photos that allow a prospective buyer to walk your home from the convenience of their location. And the cost for 1 site is free, leaving no excuses for not having your home

Once the inside and outside of your home is photographed and ready to be listed, you'll need to determine who will be selling your home. Do you have an Agent? Do you intend to sell your home on your own?

Marketing your home to sell fast and get the highest price will require online listings. Craigs List, Zillow, and Redfin are a few of your options. You may be wondering how much can i sell my mobile home for? Or "how to sell a mobile home with a mortgage"? In some cases, finding a competent Real Estate Agent will be worth the commission they require for their service. Real Estate Agents have experience and access to services such as Multiple Listings as well as Contractors and even Staging Companies which could allow for a higher sales price. 

Take time to do a write-up of your home that tells of its positive aspects. Cover the fundamentals such as how much space, the number of rooms, and if you have made any improvements. After you have the general information, mention positive things the potential buyer may not notice on their own. Does your home provide a beautiful view? Does the morning sun provide for the perfect breakfast lighting? Is the location peaceful and quiet? Many of these aspects can not be conveyed by pictures alone. And who better to know these positive features of your home than you? Remember, you are now the salesperson. Even if you are not a salesperson by trade, your enthusiasm will make the person searching for their next home, that much more comfortable if you seem to love your home.

The bottomline is that your home is worth what someone is willing to pay. So, following the guidelines we have suggested, and it should help you sell your manufactured home quickly and at its best price possible.


Pacific Chestnut #3

Bed: 4, Bath: 2.0
Sqr ft: 1760
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Bed: 0, Bath: 1.0
Sqr ft: 263
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Pacific Ruby #9

Bed: 3, Bath: 2.0
Sqr ft: 1173
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Pacific Sunset #1

Bed: 2, Bath: 2.0
Sqr ft: 947
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Pacific Bungalow ADU

Bed: 2, Bath: 1.0
Sqr ft: 507
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Pacific Oak #4

Bed: 4, Bath: 2.0
Sqr ft: 1
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Park Model B

Bed: 1, Bath: 1.0
Sqr ft: 399
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James and Julie Fjelstad

To everyone at Pacific Manufactured Homes,
We love our new house! Thank you to the whole team at Pacific Manufactured Homes. We appreciate your professionalism and your answers to all ofour questions. Also, the very timely manner our old house was moved out and the new one put in. The whole process was completed within 30 days. That is amazing to us. We were very pleased with the whole experience. Our sales rep., Cal Allen was very knowledgeable and helped us to understand what was happening and when it would happen, every step ofthe way. He knew we were staying in a motel, waiting to move into our new house. He helped us through the waiting. During those 30 days, we worked with several people at Pacific Manufactured Homes. They were all very professional and thorough. Martha Kerr sat down with us and helped make the order to build. She made sure it was exactly the way we wanted it. Debbie Constance did the paperwork process. Peter Coran was the project manager. He insured that the whole process ofremoving the old house and putting the new one in went smoothly and he made sure it was done right. Then there is Ryan Mclenon, he met with us after we moved in to go over the warranties and to do a walk through inspection. There were only a few minor things that needed to be fixed. They were fixed immediately. Again, we both appreciate all ofthe help from everyone at Pacific Manufactured Homes. We will definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy a manufactured home.

James and Julie Fjelstad

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Mary Boleck

Gentlemen, Ladies,

I recently had some business transactions with your empoyee, Tim Feeney, and wish to commend him on his professionalism and enthusiasm. He is certainly an asset to Pacific Homes and those individuals with whom he is in contact on a daily basis. Tim has a contagious sense of humor, is thorough, energetic, and goes all out to assist in whatever transactions need to be resolved. I would certainly recommend Pacific Homes.

Mary Boleck

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Catherine Doughty

Dear Nancy and all the staff and crew at Pacific Manufactured Home:

My sincere compliments to all of you in your performance and since the acquisition of my beautiful new manufactured home. You took my dream and made it a reality. Each step of construction and finishing was done with a professionalism rarely seen in today's world. Each person I've dealt with has treated me with respect and care, even when my concerns were unwarranted and even silly. You really want me to be happy with my new home.

My house arrived with all the features I requested and much more. So many great details. I really love it and wonder why I didn't do this a long time ago. I especially like my pantry with room for all the small appliances which have been gathering dust packed away in my shed. This house is not only beautiful and convenient but also fun where I can try out new recipes with all my gadgets, do my writing in comfort, putter, entertain my family and friends, read and just enjoy life.

I speak very highly of you all to everyone who will listen and will
continue to do so. Thank you all.

Catherine Doughty

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John and Kathleen Hoffman

My wife and I want to express our sincere gratitude to you and your company for a wonderful home buying
experience. We were In the market for a new manufactured home and decided to visit your sales facility in
San Marcos.

Immediately we were greeted by Lori Jones, our assigned Sales Consultant. She showed us all the models at the sales facility and became our single point of contact through the entire home buying process. Lori is
very professional, answered all our questions and made us feel right at home at your facility. Her
professional sales manner and people skills are a credit to your organization.

Then we sat down with her to discuss our immediate new home needs. She is a great listener and helped us decide which home to purchase and explained various options in great detail. We were very impressed with her knowledge of all the options, and the entire sales process. She also suggested a Great Mobile home park in Oceanside, where we are presently living. She took us around to various parks as well, to help us decide where we wanted to live.

PETER CORCORAN - Project Manager - Appreciated his help in getting new site ready on time
MARTHA KERR - Business Manager - Appreciated her help with the business matters
BARBARA GAYLORD, - Transaction Coordinator - Appreciated her help with maldng the financial stuff flow
smoothly and her help with the escrows
RYAN McCLELLAN - Service Manager - Appreciated his heip with coordinating items needing immediate
attention during and after the move In summary, your entire staff is Outstanding and please let them know that.

In closing, my wife and I would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a new manufactured home, to first consider buying from Pacific Manufactured Homes. It's refreshing to deal with a company that REAllY cares about the prospective new home buyer and makes sure that any issues are immediately addressed and taken care of.

John and Kathleen Hoffman

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