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Solar Power for your Manufactured home or Modular home

Looking for solar power installation on your mobile home?

Solar Panels for Manufactured Homes

Savon Homes offers Solar as an option on our NEW homes

Modern mobile homes are constructed much stronger than they were in the past. Solar Powered mobile homes require a stronger roofing system than a standard roof. Contact Us to talk more about how we can add solar to your new mobile home.

Solar panels are the key to generating clean, low-cost power for your home. Solar panels are photovoltaic, which is how they convert sunlight into energy. They are assembled in an array, which means they are linked together.

We don't install solar panels on existing manufactured homes but provide the following information below, which will help with installing solar on older homes. Generally, it's better to install on a newer home as the structural members that support the roof are stronger than they were in earlier mobile home construction.


Current Special Offer for Mobile Home Solar Panel System

System Size: 11.055kW System Information
Estimated Energy Production 18,225kWh
Estimated Savings $375 per month

COST: $27,649.
Title 24 compliant

Top Tier Solar Modules
Enphase Micro Inverters
Complete Installation
System Monitoring
25 Year Warranty

Incentives for Solar Power installations

Due to the encouragement of solar energy generation, you may find that your local government will help pay for a portion of your solar installation.



Solar Panel array image

The following information is provided to help understand if and how solar power would be added to an existing mobile home.


What if my home does not have a strong enough roof?

You can install solar panels as stand-alone units that power your home. In most cases, you will need to check with your homeowner's association if in a park and with your city's building department if you are on your own land.

Building departments often disallow solar panel installation on homes that do not have a permanent foundation. It only takes a phone call to your local city hall to talk to the building department before proceeding.

Another option for getting a solar-powered mobile home is to use an outbuilding or even carport as the required structure to support the solar panels. These structures are generally low cost due to their minimal construction. But, they can easily be made into sturdy structures for solar. Talk to a local contractor to determine what it would take to make your carport or outbuilding a suitable base for solar panels.

How can I get the even better efficiency from my mobile home solar system?

Like any home, if you use less energy, your operating costs will be lower. Consider things like dual pane window replacements or insulation upgrades to make your home more efficient. Attic insulation is another inexpensive way to increase the efficiency of your home.

Final considerations when looking for a solar powered manufactured home.

Talk to your solar system estimator about how you can minimize the requirement for your solar-powered mobile home. You may find that my upgrading the general efficiency of your mobile home, your actual costs for solar could be even less.

Consider local electrical companies' incentives as they may dramatically lower the cost of installing a mobile home solar panel system.

Battery backups are useful when storing excess energy generated throughout the day. For instance, if you have a system that generates more energy than you use, you could store that energy for after dark when the solar panels are no longer creating electricity.
Earn credits from your electrical company by providing excess energy back to the electrical company. This is one way to have a lower cost or no cost during night hours.





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James and Julie Fjelstad

To everyone at Pacific Manufactured Homes,
We love our new house! Thank you to the whole team at Pacific Manufactured Homes. We appreciate your professionalism and your answers to all ofour questions. Also, the very timely manner our old house was moved out and the new one put in. The whole process was completed within 30 days. That is amazing to us. We were very pleased with the whole experience. Our sales rep., Cal Allen was very knowledgeable and helped us to understand what was happening and when it would happen, every step ofthe way. He knew we were staying in a motel, waiting to move into our new house. He helped us through the waiting. During those 30 days, we worked with several people at Pacific Manufactured Homes. They were all very professional and thorough. Martha Kerr sat down with us and helped make the order to build. She made sure it was exactly the way we wanted it. Debbie Constance did the paperwork process. Peter Coran was the project manager. He insured that the whole process ofremoving the old house and putting the new one in went smoothly and he made sure it was done right. Then there is Ryan Mclenon, he met with us after we moved in to go over the warranties and to do a walk through inspection. There were only a few minor things that needed to be fixed. They were fixed immediately. Again, we both appreciate all ofthe help from everyone at Pacific Manufactured Homes. We will definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy a manufactured home.

James and Julie Fjelstad

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Mary Boleck

Gentlemen, Ladies,

I recently had some business transactions with your empoyee, Tim Feeney, and wish to commend him on his professionalism and enthusiasm. He is certainly an asset to Pacific Homes and those individuals with whom he is in contact on a daily basis. Tim has a contagious sense of humor, is thorough, energetic, and goes all out to assist in whatever transactions need to be resolved. I would certainly recommend Pacific Homes.

Mary Boleck

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Catherine Doughty

Dear Nancy and all the staff and crew at Pacific Manufactured Home:

My sincere compliments to all of you in your performance and since the acquisition of my beautiful new manufactured home. You took my dream and made it a reality. Each step of construction and finishing was done with a professionalism rarely seen in today's world. Each person I've dealt with has treated me with respect and care, even when my concerns were unwarranted and even silly. You really want me to be happy with my new home.

My house arrived with all the features I requested and much more. So many great details. I really love it and wonder why I didn't do this a long time ago. I especially like my pantry with room for all the small appliances which have been gathering dust packed away in my shed. This house is not only beautiful and convenient but also fun where I can try out new recipes with all my gadgets, do my writing in comfort, putter, entertain my family and friends, read and just enjoy life.

I speak very highly of you all to everyone who will listen and will
continue to do so. Thank you all.

Catherine Doughty

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John and Kathleen Hoffman

My wife and I want to express our sincere gratitude to you and your company for a wonderful home buying
experience. We were In the market for a new manufactured home and decided to visit your sales facility in
San Marcos.

Immediately we were greeted by Lori Jones, our assigned Sales Consultant. She showed us all the models at the sales facility and became our single point of contact through the entire home buying process. Lori is
very professional, answered all our questions and made us feel right at home at your facility. Her
professional sales manner and people skills are a credit to your organization.

Then we sat down with her to discuss our immediate new home needs. She is a great listener and helped us decide which home to purchase and explained various options in great detail. We were very impressed with her knowledge of all the options, and the entire sales process. She also suggested a Great Mobile home park in Oceanside, where we are presently living. She took us around to various parks as well, to help us decide where we wanted to live.

PETER CORCORAN - Project Manager - Appreciated his help in getting new site ready on time
MARTHA KERR - Business Manager - Appreciated her help with the business matters
BARBARA GAYLORD, - Transaction Coordinator - Appreciated her help with maldng the financial stuff flow
smoothly and her help with the escrows
RYAN McCLELLAN - Service Manager - Appreciated his heip with coordinating items needing immediate
attention during and after the move In summary, your entire staff is Outstanding and please let them know that.

In closing, my wife and I would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a new manufactured home, to first consider buying from Pacific Manufactured Homes. It's refreshing to deal with a company that REAllY cares about the prospective new home buyer and makes sure that any issues are immediately addressed and taken care of.

John and Kathleen Hoffman

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